www.engintaviloglu.com internet sitesine veya iOS Kompozit uygulamasına (Bundan böyle kısaca “İçerik” olarak anılacaktır) erişiminizden önce lütfen bu sözleşmeyi dikkatle

Please read this agreement carefully before using the iOS application or the website www.engintaviloglu.com (from here on they will be referred to as “content”). You are accepting the terms of use that are stated in this agreement by using the content. Please do not use the content if you do not accept terms and conditions stated here. Engin Taviloğlu hereby reserves the right to change terms and conditions and changes come to force the moment they are published. If the user agrees to continue to use the content, the user accepts the changes made to the terms and conditions.

1. Trademarks, intellectual property, copyright
Engin Taviloğlu owns the rights to the iOS application and the website www.engintaviloglu.com/ The published content is protected both by national, international law and international agreements. Including the code and software no material subject to intellectual property can be copied, replicated, re-published, installed on a different device, sent by mail, communicated or distributed.

2. Changing terms and conditions
Engin Taviloğlu reserves the right to change, add to and renew terms and conditions without stating a reason or notifying any party.

3. Regarding user data
On the website www.engintaviloglu.com or iOS application no user data is saved or shared by any third party.

4. Rights and responsibilities
Engin Taviloğlu cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, private, final and any other kinds of loss or harm resulting from the use of content. The entire responsibility regarding the use of content belongs to the user.

The use and protection of the information obtained from the content are hereby subject to the terms determined by the “Privacy Policy”. By using the services you hereby accept all terms and conditions determined by the “Privacy Policy”.  
Use of Content
 The sole purpose of the content found on the website and the application are to inform the user. The content cannot be used by a doctor to treat a patient or to make a diagnosis.

The website and iOS application use peripheral devices in order to store data on your phone or computer. These are the main components for the website and mobile application to work.

Contact information can be found on the website in the about section.

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